5 steps to ensure a speedy house sale

Posted on: Thursday, November 30, 2023

Selling your home is an exciting time, though it can be stressful if you’re in a rush to get moving. While there’s no exact science to achieving a fast sale, there are a few ways to put yourself in the best possible position to make this an attainable goal.


1. Take care of the quick fixes

Sometimes it’s the small details that really make a difference. When buyers come to view your home, they will be taking note of anything that needs repairing once they move in, and this mental bill can become lengthy if you haven’t taken care of the quick fixes. Focus on any niggles that stand out in your home such as replacing old carpet, painting scuffed walls, or fixing squeaky doors. This will give your house more of a ‘move-in ready’ appeal that is bound to speed up your sale.


2. Price your home accurately

The price of your home will dictate the pace and outcome of your sale. If you rely on guesswork or online research, your house price will not align with your current local market - nor will it reflect its true value. Your agent will be there to help you by drawing from years’ worth of local market expertise and assessing every detail of your home from top to bottom. An accurate asking price makes you a trustworthy seller and therefore far more likely to secure the right buyer at the right time. 


3. Spread the word

Your agent will take care of marketing your home for you, but sometimes friends and family can boost your potential reach through word-of-mouth or by sharing your listing online. Ask any neighbours, friends, or relatives in your local area to share your posts on social media, as there could be local potential buyers on their friends lists.


4. Let your agent do the work

Being present at your own viewings can make buyers feel as though they are merely guests at your house, rather than shopping for their next home. It’s best to leave house viewings with your agent and let them do the selling for you. Additionally, when preparing your home for viewings, try to depersonalise by stripping back personal photographs and knickknacks. You might be reluctant to box these things up for the time being, but doing so will allow buyers to envision living in your home. 


5. Be flexible and responsive

Being available and easy to reach will speed up your home sale all the way through to completion. From scheduling viewings to answering calls and emails during the conveyancing process, maintaining an open line of communication means you’ll avoid confusion and delays. 


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